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"Entrance Exam" EXPLAINED

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

This is a song which reflects the Policy of standardization, though abandoned in 1977, reflects one of the many ways the Sri Lankan government had (and continues to) designed a system that enabled further oppression against the Tamil minority.

Tamil students were now required to gain higher marks than Sinhalese students to gain admission to universities.

This song is called Entrance Exam as a play on for the common title of "Initiation" among emerging, and now established, artists in the western world (e.g. The Weeknd "Initiation" is about Abel seducing this innocent girl into his dark and twisted world OR Tory Lanez "Initiation" is about Tory wanting to prove her worth before he can allow her into his circle).

Initiation refers to the action of admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual. According to a 2013 University World News report, Sri Lanka’s 15 state universities admit “only 23,000 students … annually, out of the 220,000 who sit the university entrance (A-Level) examination every year.” Entrance Exam is a play on of "Initiation" with the promise of a more prestigious life.

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